The musician

Once upon a time, there was a musician. With lots of hope, filled with imagination.
He wanted to make new music – beautiful as a swan But whenever he thought, his mind went blank
So went into a music shop, but the idea turned out flop. Coz he got a new horn, but he couldn’t make new music – beautiful like a swan.
He took a bubbly bath, and made lots of bubbles. Bubbles big and small. Yet, he couldn’t make new music – beautiful like a swan.


He heard other’s music and heard them one and all. Still, he couldn’t make his new music sound beautiful like a swan.
Then an idea struck. He got a haircut Do you think he made a new music – Beautiful like a swan? No! He made a sad face but no music at all!
So he went for a looo……ng walk into the forest. Next to the stream, over the hills, Where the sun gave earth the good night kiss.
He found a beautiful leaf, a naughty caterpillar, a colorful butterfly and a pigeon who pooped upon him and flew away. He forgot all about his music – music beautiful as a swan
He sat under a tree, grew his hair. And slept on some leaves with the caterpillar.
And then dear fella, When he closed his eyes, his heart opened and out came the music you have ever heard The most lovely song With music so beautiful – just like a swan



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