Though I wanted to come up with drawings with every post, it’s quite difficult. So I thought I should put up things as they come and leave changes for later. Otherwise the feeling will grow stale and the idea will eventually fade away.

Yesternight my daughter wanted me to tell her a ‘good story’ coz she didn’t want the bad monsters to come in her dreams. And this is a simple one I came up with…

“Once upon a night, the frail and the very old granny was flying through the sky. She could still manage with her soft old wings, you know. Holding the tattered bag, filled with dreams. She coughed as she turned and mumbled as she bumped against the walls and window panes. Oh! She always forgets her spectacles at home. But she never ever forgets the homes of her lovely little children, waiting for her wonderful dreams.

But this pretty girl never wanted to sleep again fearing the giant monster might come in her dream.

So she jumped.

” Wake up sun, wake up sun, wake up sun… Mummy why is the sun not getting up?” She yelled.

She painted and sang. Heard some fairy stories. Held her eyelids out.

But like the gentle stream flows into a starlit night, she drifted into a deep deep deep deep sleep.

Granny, the patient audience, peeped in through the glass window and digged her hands into her bag.

Mushy mushy, Fairy, glittery …. Nope.

Something bright and beautiful ? Nope.

Something slimy…. Green smelly. Yucky?  Yes! Granny smiled.

She stretched and squeezed, coughed and squeezed. And a little monster popped out of her tiny nose. She tossed him in the slimy, smelly yucky thing.

From the dark dungeons of dreams, the little girl could see the monster coming. She was scared, very….. Very

….very scared. So Granny kissed her fingers and blew in the blessings of her love and courage. The little girl smiled! The monster trembled. Ho,ho! This monster was scared of smiles. So she smiled and laughed and scared away the monster. Phew!💐😤 See, smiling helps. So, keep smiling….


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