The Leopard

This story is dedicated to the leopard who was beaten to death in Gurugram. A leopards territory is minimum 14km for female and 33km for male. And unlike lions they are not usually man-eaters

” Once upon a night a leopard  was very hungry. He searched for a deer, but there were none. He waited for the rabbit, but the rabbit never came out of its burrow. Then he found a frog, but leopards don’t eat frogs. He then saw a snake ….. he let it go.

It was dawn. He smelled some food but he was too tried to move, and he slept.

It was not going to be a usual morning for the villagers. Somebody  had found a leopard sleeping under a cot.

Oops! Didn’t the big cat know where it was? Everybody panicked and hid behind the doors.

“Does a leopard know how to open the door?”asked a little  boy.

“Shhhhh” panicked as his mother was. she hushed the boy And double locked the door.

Market was not yet opened, many had not yet done their wee wee. Between the chaos somebody  called the forest dept. In few minutes a forest ranger, a vet and two guards arrived with a cage.

O, what a finness the ranger showed! With an inject gun in one hand he looked no less then a James bond. In one shot he hit the leopard’s hind arm. The kids cheered. One boy wanted to be like him when he was big.

They all waited for the leopard to sleep. The vet checked the leopard and gave a thumbs up. One little girl wanted to be a vet.

Soon two guards with the help of two villagers gently put the leopard in the cage. Kids came around the cage and admired the magnificent creature. They knew, leopards could  not open the lock.

The parade finally left and the leopard was freed in its territory. “Oops”! the forest ranger reckoned. ” Was the new row of houses in the Leonard’s area?”

And the villagers pulled in their shops. Giving more space to the Leopard and saving there’s.

I wish this had happened. I wish Services were fast and effective. Definitely the kids must have felt inspired. Now…….. to beat.


The moonlove

This one’s the second story I mentioned I must post before I forget.

Story 2:

This little girl in her pink boots and pink jacket, was walking back from a park. It was dark, and cold. Everything around looked scary so, she held her mumma’s hand tightly.

Suddenly she looked up at the sky. it was moon. Beautiful, white and a happy white. She almost forgot about the scary things.

She peeped through the leaves…. it was there.

She looked looked through the scarf …… it was there.

She turned back…… it was there.

She stopped at the turn……. it was there.

She turned …… it was there.

She was impressed with herself.

‘Mommy’ She said. ‘I think the moon likes me, Its going where I am going.’

N I said ‘Yes.’

Moments that make life beautiful

I feel lucky to have a lovely daughter. She has made my life so beautiful that I have kinda overlooked my appearing wrinkles. The one we get from smiling.

We all have suffered in many ways or stayed happy in every ways, kids do some magic over these sufferings and double up those joys. God gave them this magic in their hands. They can make everything correct. Try asking  your little one to touch your forehead when it’s paining. you’ll be surprised how good it feels!

My daughter at times hates me coz I make her brush, ask her to tidy up, bath n do other stuff like don’t take ‘godi’, put vegetables in spaghetti. But wants me for love. This once made me realize, with time I had forgotten to tell my mumma I love you. And she laughed when  I said so.

There are days when we sit and our mind is home to all the bad thoughts. About things that I once did to others, that u did to me. Sometimes things went wrong and sometimes when they did go right, no body noticed. Sometimes we make friends but we have to move, move farther away. Today was like that, So I thought I’ll just put down the little good things that have happened in the last few months and have made me smile. I’ll be glad if you smile too.

“Mummy, I told a secret to my friends……I told them my papa is fat”

“I once caught my husband eating sev puri in a street eatery in Mumbai. I was less then 10 steps away. After finishing three poories or 15 minutes he noticed he was being watched.” (My street food loving husband)

“London has beautiful trees, and so is the fall. My daughter once pointed at a tree with no leaves and cried ‘Mummy! It’s a takloo tree.’ I actually had to say sorry to the tree”

“My husband was listening to my daughter’s story.

She  – N there was a dinosaur. The dinosaur was cute.

He – No Betu the Dinosaur was like mumma”

“Mummy, look the moon is following me……. I think the moon likes me”

“Police please take mummy to jail, she makes me brush………. but no I love her don’t take her She scolds me but loves me”

“My daughter made this story one day

– Once upon  a time, there was a mumma rabbit. She was very hungry. She ate and ate and ate……. and her tummy was big….. and she got a baby.

Me – babies don’t come by eating. when mumma papa love then Bhagwanji gives them a baby.”

“Tumhare itne baal jhadte hain… isse achchhi to takloo biwi thi”

“Mummy why do we do potty?

Me – Coz when we eat, the good one goes to eyes head legs hands n everywhere but the bad ones go out as potty.

Y r u standing still

She – I want the bad one, I don’t want it to go away”

“How did u fall in water?

I had a stick in my hand and the stick said ‘gir jaao gir jaao'”

“T pot T pot T pot T pot ……. POTTY POTTY POTTY”

These are enough for making this day good.

(If you find  those grammatically incorrect sentences, I have kinda begun giving up feeling sorry for them. I have grown up with them so I just let them be. as long as I am able to express right)

The Rainbow Sweater

Before I forget, here are two stories I made up during our good night stories. is another site we are going through these days. They have lots of stories.

Story 1

Once upon a time there lived a little girl on one end of a rainbow and her Granny on the other. The rainbow was very special. It was woven with the softest yarn with the brightest color.

Granny and the little girl lived far far away from each other, but the rainbow always kept them together. On one fall of November, when the autumn waved bbye and December peeped in through the door, the little girl felt a shiver. So she asked her Granny to make her the warmest sweater.

Granny winked, as her needles clinked. With a spell of magic, and yarn of love a beautiful sweater with colors of rainbow was ready.

The little girl wore it, and jumped with delight. ‘I am wearing a rainbow, Nani’ She chirped.

Soon the snow fell. The world froze, but the little girl felt warm and cozy in her Rainbow sweater.

For my mumma, she can make a sweater overnight!

The feel-good people

This experience and feeling is not something that I can actually put into words. I think, nobody can. It is seriously not possible to make you feel what I felt, coz even if I put them to the best of my abilities your feelings will be different from mine. However, I am trying to share about this person, a stranger and one of the most feel good persons i have ever met. The feel good people – you don’t need to speak to them, they make u feel good, right away.

” The feeling was very much like sitting in a good temple, post Aarti. When the crowd has dispersed and you have come to a belief that the only person there is you.  The sweet fragrance of sandal wood incense sticks mixed with the purifying essence of camphor surrounds you. The feeling of just being there intensifies and you can see the beautiful light from the Diya dancing to holy tunes.”

She reminded me ” of the beautiful Onkareshvar temple from Coorg. It was such a beautiful moment, the night had begun to take its form, moon light was shining upon the little water body enclosed in the temple courtyard  and I was somewhere lost in the Hymns flowing out of the temple. They were some women singing Hymns, I couldn’t understand the language and the type of music, but I reckon, there were no instruments and this complete magic that was happening in the back drop of a deep silence! Yes, no street lights no loudspeakers …… and everything was silent.”

We do meet people sometimes, who make us feel places. She was billing my things and while I couldn’t stop admiring her I dared to ask her “Hello, are you Indian?”

“Yes, ” she replied. Obviously, I thought. “which place?” I again disturbed her during the the billing.

Can I  ever give away with my bad manners.

“Kerela ….” Were her words. She handed me the receipt but I could only think of serene backwaters flowing down her elegant brows. This dusky Lady,( my mum always referred this tone as meetha rang/ sweet color)  without a trace of makeup and the simplest of an attire was one of the most beautiful persons I have ever come across. Did she have a lotus in her heart or did she drink a herbal Keralite potion? But I was sure of one thing , she held the essence of her hometown. And for me this billing was more than an experience.

(I don’t want to change the course of this post by adding ‘ indian women are spiritually the most beautiful’. But they are😊)