The feel-good people

This experience and feeling is not something that I can actually put into words. I think, nobody can. It is seriously not possible to make you feel what I felt, coz even if I put them to the best of my abilities your feelings will be different from mine. However, I am trying to share about this person, a stranger and one of the most feel good persons i have ever met. The feel good people – you don’t need to speak to them, they make u feel good, right away.

” The feeling was very much like sitting in a good temple, post Aarti. When the crowd has dispersed and you have come to a belief that the only person there is you.  The sweet fragrance of sandal wood incense sticks mixed with the purifying essence of camphor surrounds you. The feeling of just being there intensifies and you can see the beautiful light from the Diya dancing to holy tunes.”

She reminded me ” of the beautiful Onkareshvar temple from Coorg. It was such a beautiful moment, the night had begun to take its form, moon light was shining upon the little water body enclosed in the temple courtyard  and I was somewhere lost in the Hymns flowing out of the temple. They were some women singing Hymns, I couldn’t understand the language and the type of music, but I reckon, there were no instruments and this complete magic that was happening in the back drop of a deep silence! Yes, no street lights no loudspeakers …… and everything was silent.”

We do meet people sometimes, who make us feel places. She was billing my things and while I couldn’t stop admiring her I dared to ask her “Hello, are you Indian?”

“Yes, ” she replied. Obviously, I thought. “which place?” I again disturbed her during the the billing.

Can I  ever give away with my bad manners.

“Kerela ….” Were her words. She handed me the receipt but I could only think of serene backwaters flowing down her elegant brows. This dusky Lady,( my mum always referred this tone as meetha rang/ sweet color)  without a trace of makeup and the simplest of an attire was one of the most beautiful persons I have ever come across. Did she have a lotus in her heart or did she drink a herbal Keralite potion? But I was sure of one thing , she held the essence of her hometown. And for me this billing was more than an experience.

(I don’t want to change the course of this post by adding ‘ indian women are spiritually the most beautiful’. But they are😊)


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