The Rainbow Sweater

Before I forget, here are two stories I made up during our good night stories. is another site we are going through these days. They have lots of stories.

Story 1

Once upon a time there lived a little girl on one end of a rainbow and her Granny on the other. The rainbow was very special. It was woven with the softest yarn with the brightest color.

Granny and the little girl lived far far away from each other, but the rainbow always kept them together. On one fall of November, when the autumn waved bbye and December peeped in through the door, the little girl felt a shiver. So she asked her Granny to make her the warmest sweater.

Granny winked, as her needles clinked. With a spell of magic, and yarn of love a beautiful sweater with colors of rainbow was ready.

The little girl wore it, and jumped with delight. ‘I am wearing a rainbow, Nani’ She chirped.

Soon the snow fell. The world froze, but the little girl felt warm and cozy in her Rainbow sweater.

For my mumma, she can make a sweater overnight!


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