The Leopard

This story is dedicated to the leopard who was beaten to death in Gurugram. A leopards territory is minimum 14km for female and 33km for male. And unlike lions they are not usually man-eaters

” Once upon a night a leopard  was very hungry. He searched for a deer, but there were none. He waited for the rabbit, but the rabbit never came out of its burrow. Then he found a frog, but leopards don’t eat frogs. He then saw a snake ….. he let it go.

It was dawn. He smelled some food but he was too tried to move, and he slept.

It was not going to be a usual morning for the villagers. Somebody  had found a leopard sleeping under a cot.

Oops! Didn’t the big cat know where it was? Everybody panicked and hid behind the doors.

“Does a leopard know how to open the door?”asked a little  boy.

“Shhhhh” panicked as his mother was. she hushed the boy And double locked the door.

Market was not yet opened, many had not yet done their wee wee. Between the chaos somebody  called the forest dept. In few minutes a forest ranger, a vet and two guards arrived with a cage.

O, what a finness the ranger showed! With an inject gun in one hand he looked no less then a James bond. In one shot he hit the leopard’s hind arm. The kids cheered. One boy wanted to be like him when he was big.

They all waited for the leopard to sleep. The vet checked the leopard and gave a thumbs up. One little girl wanted to be a vet.

Soon two guards with the help of two villagers gently put the leopard in the cage. Kids came around the cage and admired the magnificent creature. They knew, leopards could  not open the lock.

The parade finally left and the leopard was freed in its territory. “Oops”! the forest ranger reckoned. ” Was the new row of houses in the Leonard’s area?”

And the villagers pulled in their shops. Giving more space to the Leopard and saving there’s.

I wish this had happened. I wish Services were fast and effective. Definitely the kids must have felt inspired. Now…….. to beat.


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