It was cold. Winter was on its way and there would be snow any moment. She stood in her niche, she had found in the station passageway. There were a few more like her and she was one of them, homeless, cold and hungry all the time. But there was one thing that differed her from others. She was the most irate soul. She would mumble jumble some words and swear at her situation. After all she was a woman, at her age women visit parlors and grumble about overweight. For most 40 is a self discovering age, post maternity but for her there was nothing left to discover. She wore a worn out jacket, paired with something underneath, a hat with threads peeping out of tiny holes and a pair of sad boots hanging around two white socks.

It was difficult to walk in those boots. After every 10 steps she had to stop and adjust the boots. One held on tight but the other one had a big mouth. That gave enough space for her feet to slip offq. If she won’t walk, she won’t get enough money that meant less food. “How will I get through the winters” she wondered.

That night was colder then ever. Everyone was cozy and fast asleep in their pieces of blankets. She held her boots in her hands and climbed up the stairs. “There you are”. She looked at the moon hiding behind the thick cold fog.

She lifted her shoes up and closed her eyes. “Dear God, please, can you get me a pair of shoes.”

Luckily, that night God was listening to all the prayers from Kalvin ter. At close quaters a woman bought a new pair of boots for the winters. She took her old but still beautiful pair of boots n packed them for a Christmas present.

She opened her eyes and found a lovely pair of shoes packed specially for her. “With love” She whispered those words. She wore the boots and waited for snow. This time she would make big snow balls. She thought.


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