Dancing Girl

Lost last four posts to low battery, now I am writing something else. Its a short story. Also working on a hindi story in my head. It’s good to give some task to the brain. Helps through the day.

The story

” The little girl tipped and toed and tapped, through the mornings…. Afternoons…… Evenings and nights. She didn’t even stopped at night. Her feet danced even in her dreams.


One day, she hurt her ankle.

While climbing down the stairs she missed a step……”ouch”

That evening she couldn’t tip or toe or tap. That night she lay motionless on her bed , wondering what to do.

‘How about using hands’ her mum gave an idea with a warm glass of milk. And she took them both.

She stretched her hands and found them beautiful. She danced them around.

Left and right, up and down.

She danced her hands in the mornings… Afternoons, evenings and nights. Until one day when her legs were fine.

I did this story with my daughter, using my fingers on our tummies, but when the girl used her hands, my daughter too began dancing with her hands. She loved it. I have not copyrighted any story in this blog. I believe in karma and yes stories are for everyone. Feel free to use them in whichever form.

Happy story time!


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