Lake Balaton

This Sunday we went to lake Balaton. I am not really a travel freak like those who wish to see the world in a day…. If they got wings. But may be I’ll prefer circling over one spot or two. And lake Balaton was like that.

Pristine…. Quite… Frozen. I could feel my spirit breathing. I could see every shade of blue …. Like someone painted it across the sky…. Blue blue and blue. It was the most uplifting blue.

There were about 40 ducks sitting on ice… I wonder y they were not moving. Did they freeze to death? A few blinked though. Little of  Balaton was melt towards the land. A few swans and ducks shrieked and quacked here. A beautiful sight!

It felt tiny, being part of such a big phenomenon….the power of nature.


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