A friend asked me “so how was it in London”

Here’s my reply.

It was good. It’s one of only few countries that has done what is read. Mainly because most books we read have come from them. It’s an organization obsessed city. Everything is organized parks, schools, Libraries, garbage ….  to an extent I had started loving my messy room sometimes.

London is actually a city of dreams. We find those fairy tale beautiful people, well mannered and we’ll kept. However much overwhelming it felt at times, I cannot deny they identify beauty in simplicity. Coz I many a times came across women with just no make up. They had Perfect brows, not an extra hair on skin, well groomed hands, brushed hair, not too much color but bright enough to go with the hue. They were simply beautiful!

Houses built right out of those English novels and parks with infinite love trails. I bet you’ll come up with a symphony or a poem if you cross them. Nature thrives in the middle of a busy city. And sometimes it’s difficult to believe so.

Museums of what not. You can spend a lifetime exploring. I must say, they are the man made architectural possibilities of understanding the world. You want to understand digestive system? Skip the book and walk into the science museum. You’ll get your score. The museums are like alive books.

For libraries I would only say…. Unlimited! You gotta go there. Specially with a kid. My kid loves reading books because of London Libraries and I am indebted to them.

One day I saw a tall, very fair Lady. She wore a scarlet dress with matchi…. (Will be back.)


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