For the love of Bollywood songs – ‘Gori Tu Latth maar’

‘Gori Tu Latha Maar’ – Toilet

(Video source – YouTube)

For the love called Bollywood songs, songs from ‘toilet’ have their homes in our heart. Still wondering, was it a coincidence that ‘Bakheda’ found the earthy voice of Sukhwinder and ‘hans mat pagli’ got alive with the honey-sweet voice of Sonu Nigam. Could we ever think of getting musically correct with Akhshay Kumar’s raw voice in ‘Toilet Ka Jugad’. So correct! It aptly appears to be the voice of every common man, with a ‘lota’, looking for THE spot. This song happens to be revolutionalising patriotism with cleanliness.

Or the romantic song ‘Subah ki train’. Warm original lyrics steaming out of a hot ginger tea of an obvious tea loving writer.
‘subah ki chai mein Jaise adrak ghole’.
Or the song ‘ Hans mat pagli pyar ho jayega’ giving a melodious reasoning behind the baseless logic of the many failed love stories of our country.
‘Timid giggle = green signal from the girl.’
With a selfish personal choice this article happens to eulogize ‘ Gori tu Latthal mar’
From ears to eyes to heart, the song moves one inside out.
Can’t remember any other modern Bollywood no. portraying a post marriage romance. As Akshay brilliantly expresses the desperation of missing his wife in the most positive ways. Not physical or steamy, that makes the performance stand out. But a very real, eye to eye, situation between a husband and wife, when distance awaits love. It’s been like ages watching a song celebrating Holi with such humility. If there is flirt, it should be like this. While I still have faith in the good gentlemen from our land, this song is more like a gentle reminder of the goodness they still possess. Great choreography!
As the voice of Sonu Nigam melts in the ears, heart beats to the rythmn of this one song and Palak Muchhal sounds like a wind chime tinkle. Though every other song from this film deserves a standing ovation, before this gem gets lost in the Bollywood bubble, it is ‘once more’  ‘Gori Tu Latth maar’ in our fond memory of missing ones husband or wife, and having had a life lived in same era as the great actor ‘Akshay Kumar’.

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