Budapest winters

I have to pen this down, before it goes away.

The snow the, the chill, the dryness.

The winter is looking for its way out. It will be off soon without a trace. Seems like it’s the cleverest of all seasons. Nothing remains of it. Unlike Summer and  Rains….which always leave some life behind. Winter will vanish like it never was … Cruel love.

I reckon, trees had shed all their greens. Many braved and even gave away their skin. With open arms, barest of bare they waited for the snow to fall.

Was it love?

May be an act of bravery. Like the trees stood in a symphonic melancholy and assembled to take the cruel.

Like they sang out allowed ‘show us how cruel can you be……… Show us..’

And unlike us when the spring arrives, the trees won’t crib of harsh snow….but boast of how they survived. Gentle life will spring and so will new tales of flowers.

There is so much to learn from a tree. They are very very quite teachers.


Lake Balaton

This Sunday we went to lake Balaton. I am not really a travel freak like those who wish to see the world in a day…. If they got wings. But may be I’ll prefer circling over one spot or two. And lake Balaton was like that.

Pristine…. Quite… Frozen. I could feel my spirit breathing. I could see every shade of blue …. Like someone painted it across the sky…. Blue blue and blue. It was the most uplifting blue.

There were about 40 ducks sitting on ice… I wonder y they were not moving. Did they freeze to death? A few blinked though. Little of  Balaton was melt towards the land. A few swans and ducks shrieked and quacked here. A beautiful sight!

It felt tiny, being part of such a big phenomenon….the power of nature.

The statue of freedom

Despite some interesting episodes, this one came in late.

-I discovered, my kid had the power to turn our downstair’s neighbor into a monster, simply by stomping.

-Met two inspiring travellers who appeared more like saints in skiing suits.

-A father, brother and a son who wanted the world to think positively about organ donation.

-A woman who could have chosen SPF 30 with the perfect shade of foundation over road dust and icy winds…. inspired me with her simplicity and humbleness.

-I was overjoyed to find coriander in The great market hall after a search of two months. And instantly ‘I love you-ed’ the shopkeeper. Love at first bite!

-And the statue of freedom that stands upright on gellert hill in the Buda side of pest. This blog is mostly about this statue.

She is bronze and lifts up a palm feather. I always see her from the great market hall or when passing through the bridge. There is something very special about her. Just stand still or get that moment when you can see her….. only her.

You will actually feel her hair and her dress flowing with the wind.

Get the chill.

You know she looks like a sunrise to me and I can watch her for long, admiring, feeling.

It must have felt zealous, people would have cried and cheered when she was raised. I wikied, the palm leaf was not the first idea. There should have been a baby. Nevermind, the leaf has done the justice. Now she z not just a mother but a girl and a woman…. most of a man.

While most of the other statues one can find across Budapest symbolize power or grief, coz of the sufferings, people went through. She stands tall over others inspiring to rise….

‘O…………. hope is gentle as a feather, let it fly in the winds

Coz freedom, is not a matter of chance, but a consequence of blood and minds’

She is special to me coz she was raised in 1947, the year India became independent. Miracles happened at two place at the same time. Don’t call me maniac…. I am in love with a statue.

I haven’t yet clicked her so please help your self.